Parent Corner


At Oak Grove School, parental involvement is highly valued and is an integral part of education and school management. Parents can get involved through various volunteer activities throughout the year. We are now offering a volunteer incentive program for families.


Each family can receive a credit to their account for volunteering their time/ goods to the school. Families can earn a credit of up to $20/ month. One hour of time is worth $10. Alternately, goods of equal value can be donated to the school to receive the incentive. Credits will be applied to your account the following month.

· Families have options on how to provide volunteer hours.

· Each month, a list will be sent to parents with the current needs of the school. Each family can sign up for a task or donate time/ goods.

· Ways to contribute:

· Become a voting member of the Board of Directors and participate in monthly meetings.

· Lead or participate in committees (Outside Maintenance, Inside Maintenance, Fundraising, Cleaning)

· Participate in planned events (i.e. clean-up day)

· Class time participation (cooking a meal, sharing a story)

· Purchase items of equivalent value from Amazon wish list.

· Donate items of equivalent value.

· Plan or participate in fundraising events

· Shovel/ salt driveway during winter

· Any other ideas you have can be approved at the discretion of the director. Think creatively!

· Tracking is done via Excel spread sheet by the director.

· Parents will communicate with director to track hours.

· Hours can be banked for the future, but not applied retroactively.

· Banked hours can be donated to other families if requested.

· Hours are rounded up to the nearest hour increment (ex 45 min = 1 hour)

*Parent Committees*

  • Outside Maintenance - to include general landscaping, playground maintenance, tree limb removal, mowing (unless we contract with a local mower), snow removal, leaf removal, etc.

  • Inside Maintenance - general upkeep within the building such as light fixtures, cleaning, laundry, etc.

  • Fundraising/Events - helping come up with ideas and organizing for the Fall/winter/spring festivals, restaurant fundraisers, graduations, etc.

  • Deep Cleaning- Scheduled deep cleaning such as wiping down walls, sanitizing shelves, etc. when there are no children in the facility.